How to find someone to write my paper for me

Every student has gone through sleepless nights to write their research papers and essays.

But students now are luckier. The internet has provided them with not just easy-to-access resources. They can also choose to have someone write their papers for them.

“Pay someone to write my paper” is the type of service popular among students. With at least $10 per page, you can now relax and focus on your other homework. In a span of a few days or even just hours, you have an essay or a research paper. All you need is to sign your name and pass it to your lecturer.

How to Find a Writer

But before you let out a triumphant yell, you still have work to do. Finding the person or service to write your research paper is incredibly important. After all, your grade is in their hands. Plus, you can get into several problems if you don’t have the right writer.

You can find these services online. The thing is, there are far too many services and writers who are vying for your attention. The best course of action is to take your time and filter these places.

There are two things you need to do: find a reference and read reviews. If you know someone who has bought a research paper, ask them where they got it. Ask them about their experience and check how well-written the papers are.

If you can’t find anyone you know in real life, the internet will. You can find online reviews about these services and writers. Choose the ones you believe fit your needs and are reliable.

Who Writes My Paper?

Normally, writers who work with these services are academic writers. They are well-versed in a certain subject. They write essays, dissertations, and research papers on topics relevant to their niche.

That said, we’re helping you find someone to help write your paper. Listed below are the best traits of an academic writer.

Attention to Detail

A great writer gives attention to detail. They can proofread their work. There are few or no mistakes left. You can guarantee it’s a well-written work with no grammatical and spelling errors.

Besides fixing their work, these people also follow even the tiniest details. If you require a research paper that focuses solely on plants, they will follow that. If your prompt says it should be in the Arial font, size 12, they will do so.

The writer you choose should have this trait. This way, the paper you submit passes your professor’s expectations.


Your writer should create precise and factful articles. There should be no fluff. Each sentence should contain a new fact.

If your writer is not a master at a certain niche, this will be difficult. They’ll commonly reiterate words and facts throughout the paper to fit the length you require. As much as possible, stay away from these kinds of writers. You’ll be spending your money half on unuseful content.


Dissertations and research papers should be well-researched papers. The sources should be diverse and correct. If possible, citations should be journals or books instead of websites. This is one of the most common rules among lecturers.

These kinds of papers can take at least a few days. The writers should focus on at least a half a day doing research. If they are industry experts, the research will be easier.

Once you read a well-researched paper, it sounds professional and has included various resources.

Delivers Earlier or on Time

You did not pay for someone to write your paper and have it delivered late. The fact that you spent money was to have it submitted on time. While it is wiser to make them deliver ahead of your professor’s schedule, it’s not a good thing if they passed the paper late.

A great academic writer is someone you can rely that will deliver your request on time.


Besides precision, the information on an academic paper should be accurate. It is the writer’s responsibility to find reliable sources.

Apart from the facts and resources, even the words of an academic writer should be accurate.

Finding the Best Site

To find the best academic writer, you have to find the best site that offers their services. This can be a little more difficult as there are tons of research paper service sites online.

However, you can start your list by getting a referral from your friends or your family. As you did with finding writers, a referral will lead you to a more reliable site. You know the quality of their work and how fast they deliver.

Whether you have a referral or not, reading customer reviews can help you decide. These are unbiased opinions left by their former clients. The more positive reviews they have, the more reliable they are.

But apart from customer reviews, it’s also best to check their terms and conditions. Will you get full rights to the paper? Are they original? Can you ensure they won’t repurpose the paper you paid for?

Additionally, check the payment methods. Are they charging per word, per hour, or per paper? Get an estimate of how much you’ll be paying for yours. It’s also best to know if you can get a full refund if they fail to deliver the work on time.

Most importantly, talk to someone. If it’s by voice calls, the better. This allows you to get a feel of how reliable they are. Or perhaps how well they speak. It can give you an idea of the writing standards of the site.


Student life is not easy. That’s why many have opted to hire someone for writing an essay than make it themselves. If it means saving your grades, why not try it out as well?

But by all means, we recommend that you still find time to create your own papers. These types of services don’t exist so you can procrastinate more. Academic writers are here to provide help for students who have difficulty juggling their work.

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